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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Carbon-Positive Price

Choose the CARBON-POSITIVE PRICE and not only buy this crystal free of environmental impacts, but actually help improving the environment:

Gemrock Peru is a global leader spearheading sustainability and environmental conservation in the crystal and gemstone industry. We are now offering you the unique opportunity to not only completely eliminate the carbon footprint of your crystal but to become carbon-positive and help restoring destroyed rainforest.

If you buy this crystal by choosing the “Carbon Positive Price” we will add 1.5 cents per USD to your crystal. This additional amount will be used to plant trees in a reforestation project in the Peruvian cloud forest and neutralize your crystals carbon footprint. And even better: we will match your support. We will reward your conscious act by matching your support with the same amount, this way doubling the donation and therefore creating a carbon positive product that removes more carbon from the atmosphere than it adds to it.

With Gemrock Peru your crystal products have been ethically mined and produced and are environmentally friendly. Also read our 2021 Sustainability Report.

Who pays the shipping?

Generally spoken, the customer pays for the shipping. When you receive your confirmation email, shipping and insurance costs will be detailed.

Our minimum order is 100.– USD

We are offering you very low shipping flat rates for different regions in the world:

  • North America (USA, Mexico & Canada): 10.- USD
  • Europe: 15.- USD
  • Asia: 20.- USD
  • Australia & New Zealand: 25.- USD

This flat rate is independent of the total number of products and total weight of your order (with exemption of heavy objects that weight more than 1 kilo but have a value below 100 USD. For such products an additional fee will be charged)

The shipping does not include importation taxes, if applied by your countries government.

If you want to avoid shipping costs and are in Lima (maybe for a visit?) you can arrange with us to pick up your product from our production plant in Chorrillos.

The address of our company:

Jirón Arquímedes 163

Chorillos, Lima

In that case, please arrange your visit in advance by email ( or by phone or WhatsApp (+51 – 919 457 199).

Who pays the banking fees?

The customer pays bank and money transfer fees. To help you keep those fees low, we offer you a number of different payment methods that you can use at your convenience.

For more details review our Payment Options.

Transport Damage or loss of package

We at Gemrock Peru make our best possible effort to pack our goods as careful and protected as possible. But once they are out of our hands we cannot assume responsibility for what happens next.

We work exclusively with the internationally recognized and serious shipping agent DHL. However, even when using such an experienced and professional company, transport damage or loss due to human error cannot be ruled out completely.

We therefore do strongly recommend adding a shipping insurance for a flat rate of just 4.99 USD to your order. This way your goods are fully insured against damage or loss.

Insure here

Please be aware:

Gemrock Peru is not responsible for transport damage during shipping or loss of the package and WE DO NOT REFUND money in such cases.

Recommendet Unboxing Procedure
  1. Upon arrival of your package immediately review it for suspicious damage on the outside of the package. If you note any signs of damage on the outside of the package, please immediately ask the delivery person to hold the package in his/her hands with the damages being visible and take a picture of the package and the person. This way you can document the state of the package upon arrival. Do this before signing off the receipt of the package.
  2. If you can note any suspicious damage on the outside of the package then do make a lot of pictures documenting your unboxing process. Make pictures of the inside of the package and of each product before and after unpacking it.
  3. Make close-up pictures of damages on crystals and crystal products.
  4. Now, in case you did insure your package, you can use those pictures to file a report to your local DHL office.
  5. Please do not forget to inform us via email about such problems. Even if we are not responsible for such damages and your insurance case rests with DHL and not with Gemrock Peru, we are always happy to assist you by informing our local Peruvian DHL agent about your problem. This may help speeding up your case.
Return and Refund Policy

We at Gemrock Peru make a lot of effort to produce high quality pictures and video material to show our products. You are also receiving detailed information on the size and the weight of the crystal or crystal product. We therefore believe that we are providing you with sufficient information for your decision to buy the product.

We would feel terribly sorry if you would unpack your crystal or crystal product and feel unsatisfied with it. However with international export of products we cannot take responsibility for a mistaken consumer choice. We are therefore not offering options for return and/or refunding.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, Gemrock Peru regularly makes special offers for the introduction of new products or for special dates, for example. The best way to stay up-to-date on these offers is to sign up for our newsletter to receive email alerts or follow us on social media.

Please do not request additional discounts to these offers. We consider our prices to be fair for the level of quality we offer. Unlike other companies, we do not add 20% to the sale price, so we can offer a discount to each customer.

You can find other cheaper products elsewhere, however their quality probably cannot be compared to ours.

Do you have a shop?

Not yet, sales are online only. However, if you live or work in Lima or if you are here for a visit, you can visit our show room in production plant in Chorrillos, Lima, with prior arrangement to see an exhibition of our products or organize the delivery of your purchased products.

The address is:

Jirón Arquímedes 163

Chorrillos, Lima

In that case, please arrange your visit in advance by email ( or by phone/WhatsApp (+51 – 919 457 199).

Why cant I reach you by phone?

Please take into account that you might be in a global time zone very different than ours in Peru. We can´t attend our clients 24/7. Please try again another time or send us a message per WhatsApp (+51 919 457 199) or Email (

Why should I subscribe to your newsletter?

As a newsletter subscriber you will benefit from:

  • Special discounts only available for newsletter subscribers
  • Notification on new products
  • Information on company development and participation in gem shows.
  • Great information on jewelry, crystals, minerals and decor products from Peru.

This means you have an advantage over the casual page visitor. Only those on the email list have a chance to see the products first and that can be the difference between getting a unique product or crystal specimen you want or losing to another customer.

If I order a product that is already sold, will you send me a replacement?

For each product it will be clearly indicated if there are several of it available or if it is unique.

Unique Products:

Each crystal specimen and many crystal products (heart, sphere, egg, etc.) are unique products in their color and shape. We will never send a substitute for unique pieces. Instead, we will inform you that your product has already been sold and offer you an offer of several alternative products of the same shape or type.

If you like a product shown in social media, but can´t find it on the website, than most likely it has been sold. In that case, feel free to write us and we will provide you with more product suggestions from our store (not all of our products appear on the website).

Products that are not unique

Many pieces of jewelry and decoration are NOT unique, but repeatable. When a product is not clearly characterized as “unique”, the photo on our website is a representation of the product. In this case, a piece is sent that is similar to the product but may have slight differences in color and shape.

Do you have better products available?

No. We may have other products available, but not better. All of our products have unique coloring patterns and quality characteristics, so it is really difficult to determine which is the “best”. We always publish the products that we consider “best”. However, that doesn’t mean it necessarily satisfies your taste. We also cannot publish all of our products. There are always many more in stock.

By subscribing to our newsletter, you will always be informed about new products, and if you don’t find one you like today, this may change tomorrow or shortly. Likewise, if you can’t find what you’re looking for on the website, it’s worth e-mailing us and telling us what you’re looking for. We will send you alternative offers from our warehouse or, in some cases, we may even be able to produce custom products especially for you.

I cant find what I am looking for. Do you have other options available?

We are continuously producing new products, which means we have a large warehouse. It is impossible to publish all products on this site. However, all samples are cataloged in our database, making searches and queries easy to handle. Send us your request and we will respond with personalized advice.