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Perfect Shape

Perfect Polish

No scratches

In Peru, the production of jewelry and decoration products based on semi-precious stones has always been a field of so called artisans. The term “artisans” transports a romanticized idea of ancient knowledge being transferred down along generational bloodlines of stonemason mastery.

The reality is quite different: an unfair and abusive production system of poor people working with outdated tools long hours for marginal payments while creating cheap products of low quality.

Here at Gemrock we are aspiring to turn the tide. We strive for highest quality products. In order to achieve this a production system needs two ingredients: modern machines and best technology as well as well trained professional staff.

Our staff participates in professional trainings abroad and when this knowledge cannot be transferred to our minerals in Peru, then we investigate ourselves, how to improve our products.

This way and combined with rigorous quality standards, we have managed to produce jewelry with semi-precious stones that can compete without problems with the highest quality jewelry worldwide. Our products are characterized by extraordinary polishing without the presence of scratches. The shapes of our products are exact and flawless.

Our decor spheres, for example, are perfectly round, a result that can only be achieved by applying modern technology. More and more foreign companies recognize our quality and send us their stones to Peru to have them cut by us. In fact, Gemrock Peru is the first Peruvian company that not only works with Peruvian stones but also imports stones from all over the world to cut them in Peru.

In 2021 we grew to be a global wholesaler exporting our products to retail shops in Northern America and Canada, in South America, in Europe, in Asia and in Australia.

In 2022 we have four goals:

massively diversify our offer of home-decor products and jewelry,

increase our direct sale to final consumer all over the world via this online website Gemrock Shop as well as social networks.

become a spearheading leader in the area of ethical mining, ethical production and environmental conservation in the crystal industry.

become a renown brand in the area of fine mineral specimen trade.


If you have a gemstone or jewelry retail business, please feel free to visit our wholesale website.