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In Peru, the production of jewelry and decoration products based on semi-precious stones has always been a field of artisans. We are changing the tide.

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In Peru, the production of jewelry and decoration products based on semi-precious stones has always been a field of artisans. These ancient masters work on the basis of their empirical knowledge. At Gemrock Peru, however, we aspire to create products of the highest quality. Therefore our production methods reinforce this knowledge by applying modern machinery and a permanent process of technical improvement through an exchange with lapidary specialists around the world. Our staff participates in professional trainings abroad and when this knowledge cannot be transferred to our minerals in Peru, then we investigate ourselves how to improve our products.

This way and combined with rigorousquality standards, we have managed to produce jewelery with semi-precious stones that can compete without problems with the highest quality jewelry worldwide. Our products are characterized by extraordinary polishing without the presence of scratches. The shapes of our products are exact and flawless. Our decor spheres, for example, are perfectly round, a result that can only be achieved by applying modern technology. More and more foreign companies recognize our quality and send us their stones to Peru to have them cut by us. In fact, Gemrock Peru is the first Peruvian company that not only works with Peruvian stones but also imports stones from all over the world to cut them in Peru.

This year (2021) we start to offer our final products directly to the final customer in Peru and elswhere in the world, instead of only working as a wholesale producer.

Another achievement that makes us proud is to be one of the very few formal companies in the field of semi-precious stones and stone decoration in Peru. In fact, there is nothing romantic about the reality of artisanal stone carving in Peru. In reality, Peruvian artisans in general are exposed to informal and abusive working conditions. Middlemen are buying products for the lowest prices from poor people who work 12 hours or more at home with primitive tools, putting themselves and their families at risk. They do not have stable employment relationships, they do not have health insurance or safety regulations. They don’t have retirement plans, they don’t have vacations, and if they get sick, they just don’t make money. When buyers do not need more products or if they do not accept prices dictated by buyers, they are out of work.

We are changing the tide. Our workers are trained in-house and have stable working contracts and all required social and labour benefits. When you buy from us, you know that your product was produced in a fair way and under contidion, you yourself would like to work in. 

Nuestro personal por el contrario está contratado con todos los beneficios laborales requeridos por la ley. Pagamos horas extra y brindamos a nuestro personal todo el equipo de seguridad requerido. Trabajamos con máquinas modernas y seguras para garantizar la seguridad de nuestros empleados. En otras palabras: proporcionamos las condiciones laborales que todos nuestros clientes desearían tener, en caso que se les pediría hacer este trabajo.