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Searching for treasure, creating beauty and sharing happiness

what makes us unique

searching for treasure

We are regularly traveling through the coastal deserts of Peru, the Andes, and even the Amazon rainforest in search of Mother Nature’s hidden treasures such as natural crystals, high-quality minerals, as well as new types of colorful stones and minerals.

creating beauty

We are converting minerals and semi-precious stones into decoration, pieces of art and jewelry. We always strive for great design and best quality. We are satisfied when our product looks so good that we would rather keep it for ourselves than sell it. Nothing below that makes us feel happy.

sharing happiness

Those who trade in stones and jewelery usually share our passion for the beauty of nature. Also, of course, the end consumer buys the products (which have no practical value) for only one reason: they want to enjoy this precious and beautiful object and be happy to own it. In fact, we are in the business of selling happiness. Happy people make the world a better place and we love the fact that our work is contributing to this goal.

we are a formal company supporting the sustainable development of our country

Our business area in Peru is plagued by informality, lack of respect for the worker and pollution of the environment. We are proud of the fact that we are one of the very few formal companies, that create formal jobs providing all the labor and social benefits required and that we have managed to develop extraction and production processes that respect nature and reduce the environmental impact to the minimum possible.

How we started

Gemrock Peru S.A.C. was born in 2017 as one of the few formal Peruvian workshops in the area of ​​artisanal production of semi-precious stone cabuchons for jewelry and decorative products made of stone. From the beginning it was our goal to produce high quality products creating formal jobs with all labor benefits and achieving an environmentally friendly and sustainable production. It was a long learning process combining the existing artisanal empirical knowledge in Peru with modern machinery and processes imported from abroad. However, in the last four years it has managed to become one of the highest quality product workshops in the country, exporting worldwide.

In 2020 we implemented a new dimension of our commercial development:

In the middle of pandemic shock and economic downturn we implemented a bold plan swimming against the current: 

Instead of shrinking we invested: moving to a bigger location, building machines, hiring more staff, stocking up rough stone, joining ranks with a jeweler company and developing new products we used the global COVID shock to transform into Perus biggest cutting facility and a global wholesaler of Peruvian decor, jewelry and gemstone products.

Now in 2021 we are open to rock and roll…