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Pay with your credit card by using PayPal

Buy with your Credit card using paypal on your PC or Cell Phone. 

Paypal charges fees to buyers for international money transfers. We do recommend PayPal payments for all orders of up to 800.- USD to 1,000.- USD. Given the fact that PayPal charges a percentage, Paypal is the cheapest international money transfer option for “small” orders below 800.- USD.

For orders bigger than 1,000.- USD traditional Bank Wires are cheaper than PayPal fees.  please see the information on Bank Wires below.

We will contact you soon in order to coordinate your crystal delivery.

Bank Wire

For orders bigger than 1,000.- USD traditional bank wires are cheaper than PayPal payments.

However you MUST ask your bank if they use an intermediary bank when transfering money to Peru. Intermediary banks will charge additional fees, that must be carried by you. Your bank is obliged to tell you if intermediary banks are used. Many US banks use Morgan Chase Bank as intermediary bank.

If you are transfering money through an intermediary bank and do not specifically declare that you will carry the fees when wiring the money, those intermediary bank fees will be charged to us and your money will not arrive complete on our bank account. In this case we can not ship your product. We will contact you and will have to ask you to pay the difference before being able to ship your product. 

Avoid such problems by specifically asking your bank about intermediary banks and their fees before wiring. 

Pay with cryptocurency: Bitcoin o Ether

We are now accepting payments in Cryptocurency: Bitcoin or Ether.

Please contact as for details per email ( or via Whatsapp/Telegram at: +51-99 410 42 06