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fan-shaped epidote crystal cluster with apatite crystal from Gemrocks crystal mining operation in Peru

Thumbnail size:

Max. Size: 1.25″ or 3 cm

Natural chalcanthite crystal cluster from Huancavelica district in Peru

Miniature size:

Size: 1 to 2″  / 3 to 5 cm

pyritohedron pyrite crystal cluster from Huanzala mine in Peru

Small cabinet:

Size: 2 to 3″ / 5 to 7.6 cm

Epidote crystal cluster from Gemrock Peru´s crystal mining operation in Lima Provice, peru

Cabinet size:

Size: 3 to 4″ / 7.5 to 10 cm

Unique large-cabinet-size pyrite cluster from Huanzala mine in Peru

Large Cabinet:

Size: 4 to 6″ / 10 to 15.5 cm

Unique top-quality specimen of jewelry-grade Pink Opal with drusy quartz overlay

Museum specimen:

Bigger than: 6″ / 15.5 cm

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