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Carbon-Positive Crystals



We are offering you a globally unique opportunity:

Buy a crystal product that is not only carbon-neutral, but actually it is carbon-positive!

Make your crystal being CARBON-POSITIVE

So far, nobody sells carbon-neutral crystals in the world. Lets go together even a step further:

Mining, transport, lapidary work and final shipping to your home, all these steps carry environmental impacts caused by the use of water, energy and other resources. Gemrock Peru is the first crystal company measuring its carbon footprint, which for 2021 is 181.7 t of CO2 emissions. Based on this analysis we now can initiate concrete measures in order to reduce this footprint a little more each year. However the only way to reach zero carbon emissions is to plant trees in other places which extract CO2 from the atmosphere and this way do eliminate the emissions caused by us.

We now can offer you the unique opportunity to buy a carbon-neutral crystal. If you would be willing to add just 1.5 cents to every USD of your crystal cost, this would be enough to plant the trees required to eliminate all carbon emitted for your crystal. In order to do so, choose the option “Carbon-Positive-Price” when ordering your crystal.

Even better: we will match your support

We are going to reward your conscious act by matching your donation. We will invest the same amount you do and therefore make sure that more trees are planted than necessary to get to zero carbon. This way together we can create Carbon-positive-Crystals that help improve the environment and not only avoid further damage.

Also keep in mind that by recovering rainforest you will

  • provide new habitat for hundreds of other plants and thousands of animal species as well as
  • producing additional oxygen,
  • avoid soil erosion and
  • improve the local water management.

Paying the Carbon-Positive-Price is not a big financial sacrifice but a huge step forward to save our planet.

Thank you for your support.

Still not “GREEN” enough?

So lets put one on top of all: buy a crystal-NFT and earn money while saving the world

Quartz cluster with chrysocolla crystals

Our carbon-positive crystal is still not “green” enough for you?
Or maybe you don´t like donating because you feel its money lost?
If so we have an alternative suggestion:

Become a Crystal-NFT investor and earn money while saving the world.

How it works in a nutshell:

Invest in buying one of our crystal NFTs on the platform “Open Sea”. 50% of your invested money will be invested into a reforestation project. As a crystal-NFT-Owner you will enjoy the following benefits:

A permanent 10% discount on all our products (exemption: already reduced products) as long as you are holding at least 1 crystal NFT.
Increasing value of your investment due to the rise of value of the underlying crypto currency ETH provides profit when reselling the NFT
Increasing value of the NFT thru rising demand provides profit when reselling the NFT.
If you keep holding the NFT long term you will profit from annual payouts generated thru the sale of carbon credits, once the reforestation project has advanced to the point of trees growing and cleaning the atmosphere. You will benefit with passive income for decades to come.



To the best of our knowledge we are globally the first ever crystal and gemstone business that measured its carbon footprint AND its ecological footprint, therefore we are spearheading the introduction of environmental consciousness  and measures in the crystal business.

Our annual carbon footprint in 2021 was 181.7 t CO2. Our water saving measures resulted in the monthly reduction of water consumption in 75% for the last three months of the previous year. This will result in a significant decrease of our footprint in 2022.

We are now offering you a unique opportunity to take part and eliminate the footprint of your crystal completely by choosing the Carbon Positive Price when buying your crystal.

The use of water in lapidary production is a huge environmental component. All cutting, shaping and polishing tools are water cooled. Additionally cleaning machines and the entire facility from stone dust, as well as cleaning the stones themselves, all this consumes a huge amount of water. In 2021 we changed our water system building a simple but effective water recycling system for our lapidary machines. By doing so we were able to reduce our water consumption for the last three months of 2021 in 75% in comparison to the months before. The full effect of such huge water savings will be reflected in a further reduced carbon footprint by the end of 2022.

We are now offering you a unique opportunity to take part and eliminate the footprint of your crystal completely by choosing the Carbon Positive Price when buying your crystal.

In our wholesale branch most packaging materials (drums, cartoon boxes, paper cushioning) are reused materials, meaning we are using packaging materials from other products or companies. It does not look pretty, but it reduces the environmental impact of such materials to zero as they don´t have to be produced or even recycled.

In our retail branch we are using recycled packaging.

Bubble Wrap: Crystals are products that tend to break easily, Sadly in Peru we have no access to alternative packaging materials that have the same protective success than bubble wrap, which still is the ideal material for safe packaging. Therefore bubble wrap is still not replaceable. However, we are at least trying to reduce the impact by reusing bubble wrap whenever possible, especially in our wholesale branch.

How you can help us: Nowadays there are many recycling stations all around the world that accept bubble wrap, which is a material that can be 100% recycled. Please help us reducing the environmental impact of your crystals by collecting the bubble wrap and delivering it to your nearest recycling station. Thank you.

We are now offering you a unique opportunity to take part and eliminate the footprint of your crystal completely by choosing the Carbon Positive Price when buying your crystal.

Saving energy is still a challenge for us. Sadly the cost of solar panels in Peru is still so high that converting our energy source to solar is prohibitive. The good news is that Peru´s energy mix consists of 60% hydroelectricity, 5 % alternative energies and only 35 % of our national energy is produced with fossil energy which makes Peru´s energy production to be one of the cleanest ones globally.

Nevertheless we are in a constant search for ideas how to reduce our energy consumption and will apply those ideas whenever possible.

We are now offering you a unique opportunity to take part and eliminate the footprint of your crystal completely by choosing the Carbon Positive Price when buying your crystal.

Reusing is better than recycling, as recycling is an additional process of manufacturing while reusing is not.

We are reusing materials whenever possible

  • When moving our facility in 2020 to a new location we had to retrieve dozens of kilos of wiring from the previous company. We recovered all copper from the wiring manually and will use this copper wire for our jewelry production.
  • We also reused 90% of the wood that was retrieved from the existing infrastructure when adapting it to our use.
  • In our wholesale branch we are reusing packaging materials from other companies (drums, cartoon boxes, paper for cushioning). It does not look pretty but reduces the environmental impact of such materials to cero.
  • Sadly there is no alternative to bubble wrap packaging that would have the same protective success. Recycled bubble wrap is not yet sold in Peru. We are trying to reduce the impact by reusing bubble wrap in our wholesale branch whenever possible. Please help us by recycling your bubble wrap packaging with your nearest recycling station.

We are constantly improving our recycling effort by collecting garbage in separate containers for glass, wood and paper, metals and other garbage. Sadly there is not yet a composting alternative for organic materials available in Lima.

We are now offering you a unique opportunity to take part and eliminating the footprint of your crystal completely by buying it using the Carbon Positive Price

No mining for Peruvian gemstones and crystals is located in the Peruvian rainforest. Most mining operations are located on the westerns slopes of the Andes and in the coastal desert of Peru, being one of the driest deserts on earth with very little plant or animal life to be harmed and with nearly no underground water bodies to be contaminated. Additionally gemstone and crystal mining is not using any chemicals, with dynamite being used for underground mining being the only chemical used. Environmental impacts therefore are from a start relatively low to very low for Peruvian crystal mining operations.

In our own mining operations we are making sure that physical impacts are kept as low as possible and that all produced trash is transported out of the area.

We are now offering you a unique opportunity to take part and eliminate the footprint of your crystal completely by choosing the Carbon Positive Price when buying your crystal.

Other things we do:
The Global Ethical Mining Partnership

A spearheading initative to bring other crystal businesses on board

The global ethical crystal mining partnership is a spearheading initiative founded in October 2021 by Gemrock Peru S.A.C. and a number of our corporative clients. We are aiming to provide a transparent system of cooperation that provides crystal shops all around the world with the opportunity to claim successfully that their crystal products are truly ethically mined and sourced.

Our goals are:

  • to provide a complete and transparent paper trail from the mine to the shop,
  • to support the development of a third party certification system,
  • to promote an opportunity for ethically-minded final customers to buy their crystals with a clear consciousness,
  • to provide an opportunity to reduce environmental impacts of mining and to provide healthy  and fair labour conditions to workers in all steps of the production chain.

How does it work – in a nutshell:

In order to be able to claim that a crystal product is ethically mined/sourced, all involved companies from the mine to crystal shop must become partners. They must be able to provide a complete paper trail of all transactions along the way.

If you are a business owner in the crystal industry and you are interested:

Gemrock Peru S.A.C. is also a wholesale company. Our ethically mined products are sold to many crystal shops on five continents. More and more of our commercial crystal shop customers are becoming partners in our Global Ethical Mining Partnership and do invest into ethical mining operations.

If you want to help us growing the movement and changing the tide, ask your local crystalshop if they are already a partner in our global network and make them aware of this initiative. Thank you for your support.