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Cherry Blossom Stone (Cinnabrite)

Cherry blossom stone consists of white orthoclase with small spots of pink thulite, resembling the coloration of a cherry blossom.

It is widely sold as “Cinnabrite”, which, however, is a fancy name. It may have been derived from the scientific name “Cinabarita” which refers to pinkish red cinnabar. Some people think that the Cherry Blossom Stone is composed of cinnabar and quartz, but that is wrong.

Another misconception is that “Cinnabrite” would consist of a scapolite (white) and “pink epidote.” While it is true that the pink mineral Thulite is part of the epidote family, it is not epidote itself. In fact, clinozoisite (thulite) is one of the variations of zoisite.

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