Earrings “Orbit”, Aragonite discs on silver chain


Earrings model “Orbit”, hand-made discs from Aragonite on sterling silver chain (925),  protected with anti-tarnish. Bauhaus style.

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Orbit: hand-made Bauhhaus-style earrings featuring aragonite discs on sterling silver chain, protected with anti-tarnish.

These highly polished aragonite discs (Ø 21 mm) with their warm brown hues and patterns are the perfect jewelry for women that feel grounded and connected to planet earth. Aragonite is believed to be a stone which centers and settles energies, stabilizes the base and earth chakras, and strengthens patience and acceptance. Aragonite is a carbonate mineral. Biologically, calcite and aragonite form the skeletons and shells of most marine organisms. Aragonite is also the mineral with which the shells form their pearls.

Superior quality… distinctive throughout Peru for its purity and brightness, our silver is 100% free of cadmium and nickel (toxic and harmful to health). 

Our minerals are hand carved one by one and polished to the highest possible shine with our scratch-free guarantee.