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Sales Policies for TikTok

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Sales Policies for TikTok Live Sales

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Please check our TikTok Bio for our upcoming sale dates.

 We require everyone to read our Policies prior to purchasing. If you don’t understand them, we specifically instruct you to contact us. By participating in our Live Sales and claiming an item, you agree to be bound by these policies. By claiming an item in our Live Sales, you agree that if you commit a Non-Payer Default, we have the right to post your TikTok account in our TikTok Account, Instagram and Facebook Stories, share your TikTok account with non-payer groups, and restrict you from further purchases or claims, and access to view our various social media accounts.


When, Where & Communication

We generally host a Live Sale on @gemrockinternational on the 2nd and 4th Friday at 8 pm EST of each month. Any modifications to this schedule will be announced on TikTok.



Please Be Courteous

We ask that you have courtesy for us and for your fellow shoppers. Please follow our policies, be polite, and honor how we choose to run our sales. Failure to do so may result in the loss of shopping privileges.


How do I claim/purchase an item?

CLAIMING AN ITEM IS A COMMITMENT TO PURCHASE THAT ITEM.  In order to claim an item, you must comment with the item price AND letter, if any. For example, an item labeled 15E is being sold for $15. To claim that item, comment 15E during the Live Sale or on the post during the Feed Sale. The FIRST person’s comment to come across our screen or to be listed on the feed will get that item. As items are claimed, we will verbally announce who has been awarded each item.

Please note, the timing of what you are seeing on your screen may differ from what we are seeing on our end. Different internet providers may have delays.

Requesting to see an item or help with choosing an item is not a claim. In these situations, please be courteous of your fellow shoppers.

Put-Backs/Exchanges During Live Sales

PUT-BACKS/EXCHANGES ARE NOT PERMITTED. If a sale is not too busy, we may permit you to exchange an item for a different item, ONE TIME PER SHOW. This is entirely at our discretion. Please do not abuse this policy and have courtesy for others participating in the live sale.

Additional Sales

You can always buy additional cystals specimen and crystal products from our website www.gemrockshop.com/crystals-minerals/ and add them to the crystals you bought during Live Sales.

Special Requests Following Sales

We try to offer personal assistance as often as possible. In order to focus on invoicing, packing and shipping to the many customers awaiting their items, we are unable to provide photographs, measurements, weights, etc following our sales. 



Your shipping cost will be provided in your invoice.

There is no minimum order requirement, however shipping international shipping costs may be high for small packages. We therefore recommend to get to a minimum order amount of 200.- USD in order to access special discounts on international shipping. In order to see our shipping discounts please scroll down and look at “Shipping”

If you don’t buy enough during a Live Sale, you can open a box and combine several purchases over a period of time in order to reach the amounts required for special payment conditions. For more information on how to open a box, please scroll down and look at “How to open a box”




We require all of the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your complete address (No P.O. Boxes) – Street, house numbers, city district (if required), city, postal code, state, country:
  • Your Email
  • Your phone number (including country code)

You will be invoiced by email the next monday following our sale. We will also send you a DM on TikTok once you have been invoiced.


Payments & Payment Methods

ALL PAYMENTS ARE DUE BY THE END OF OFFICE HOURS ON THE FOLLOWING TUESDAY AFTER A LIVE SALE.  We accept wire payments and PayPal payments. If payment is not received 24 hours after invoicing you, your items will be re-listed for sale and we may have to limit or ban your participation in future sales.

Everyone has unexpected hardships that arise from time to time. Should this be the case, please contact us to discuss your purchase. In all instances, please only purchase items that you can afford and can pay for on time.

For detailed information on payment options and bank charges, please scroll down and look at “Payment Options”


Returns or Exchanges

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We do not accept returns or exchanges for any items. Please understand that there may be differences in appearance due the differences in cameras, video quality, or your screen.


Non-Payer Policy

We list Non-Payers in our Stories if the payment period has passed and there has been no arrangement made to pay. This is considered a Non-Payer Default. When you claim items in our sales it is a contract to purchase. We agree not to sell the item to someone else and remove it from the sale, and you agree to pay pursuant to our Policies. When you default on that purchase, it is a breach of contract.

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We do not have obligatory minimum order REQUIREMENTS. However, international shipping for small packages is very expensive. We therefore recommend a minimum order amount of 200 USD. From 200 USD on we are offering you very good shipping discounts.

In case your current purchase is below 200 USD and you would like to benefit from the shipping discounts we recommend you open a box. By opening a box you can combine purchases from different dates into one shipment. Please read the chapter below “Opening a box”

Discounted Shipping Flat Rates for orders bigger than 200.- USD of total product value:

  • North America (USA, Mexico & Canada): 20.- USD
  • Europe: 30.- USD
  • Asia: 40.- USD
  • Australia & New Zealand: 40.- USD

This flat rate is independent of the total number of products and total weight of your order (with exemption of heavy objects that weight more than 1 kilo but have a value below 100 USD. For such products an additional fee will be charged)

Discounted Shipping Flat Rates for orders bigger than 500.- USD  total product value:

  • North America (USA, Mexico & Canada): 10.- USD
  • Europe: 15.- USD
  • Asia: 20.- USD
  • Australia & New Zealand: 20.- USD

This flat rate is independent of the total number of products and total weight of your order (with exemption of heavy objects that weight more than 1 kilo but have a value below 100 USD. For such products an additional fee will be charged)

If you order for more than 1000.- USD total product value, you shipping is free.

The shipping does not include importation taxes, if applied by your countries government.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”Payment options” _builder_version=”4.6.1″ _module_preset=”default” open=”off”]

We are offering the following payment options:

Paypal (recommendet for amounts up to 800.- USD)

Paypal charges a percentage amount. That is why it is cheaper than bank wire flat rates for small orders. However for tiny orders below 200.- USD our profit margin is just too low to carry such charges. If you want to pay with Paypal we are applying the following fees:

Orders below 200.- USD: we will have to charges the full 8% of Paypal charges on top of your payment.

For orders between 200.-  and 500.- USD we will charge you 6 % on top of your payment (We are participating with 2%).

For orders between 500.- and 800.- USD we will charge you 4% on top of your payment ( We are carrying the other have of the charges)

For orders bigger than 800 USD we strongly advise you to make a bank wire payment as those are much cheaper than PayPal for any payment above 800.- USD. In case you insist on paying with PayPal, we can not carry such high PayPal fees and we would charge you the entire 8% on top of your payment. 

Bank Wire (recommendet for amounts bigger than 800.- USD: in such cases bank wires are a cheaper payment options than Paypal payments)

When you pay with bank wires we are carrying the Peruvian bank charges. You only have to carry the charges of your local bank and that of eventual intermediary banks used by your local bank.

Cryptocurrencies: BTC or ETH 

We are in the process of establishing cryptocurrencies for payments. Please contact us in order to inquire about this payment option.


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If you want to combine several purchases from different dates in order to save on shipping, you can open a box.

If you open a box you are only paying the product you choose for the current purchase. We are then holding your product for up to three months. During this period you can add as many other product purchases as you want.

Once your box is closed we are invoicing you for the shipping.

How to open a box:

You can open a box after choosing one or several products on this website and putting it into your cart or after claiming a product during our live sales on Instagram or TikTok. In order to do so send us an email using the contact from on this website or sending us a DM on Instragram or TikTok.

How to close a box:

1.) You can message us any time during the three months period in order to close your box. Once we received your message we will invoice you for the shipping. If you did not get a shipping invoice within 36 hours after you sent your message, please contact us. It is very likely that in this case something went wrong and we did not get your message. 

2.) If the three months period passes and you are not adding any further product into your box or you are not messaging us before the end of the period, we will send you a message announcing the closure of your box within the next five business days, giving you a last opportunity to add into the box. If we dont hear from you we will close your box and invoice you for the shipping. 

What if your box is closed and you dont pay the shipping?

If you get invoiced for the shipping of your box and you do not pay within 5 business days, you will loose your shipping benefits. We will then invoice you again for the full shipping cost. If you fail again to pay in the following five business days, we will send you a last payment reminder. If you receive a last payment reminder you will note an additional penalty of 5 USD- per day for an additional 5 days of storing your box. If you fail to pay for the third time within five business days, you will loose your product payment. We will open your box and return your product for sale to somebody else. We will not refund your already made payments.

If you contact us at a later time and your previously chosen products are not sold yet, you can re-claim the ones not yet sold, if you pay the full shipping plus the previously claimed penalty. Any product that already has been sold by us at this point in time is lost to you and we will not refund the product payment.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”What is the Carbon-Positive Price” _builder_version=”4.6.1″ _module_preset=”default” open=”on”]

Choose the CARBON-POSITIVE PRICE and not only buy this crystal free of environmental impacts, but actually help improving the environment:

Gemrock Peru is a global leader spearheading sustainability and environmental conservation in the crystal and gemstone industry. We are now offering you the unique opportunity to not only completely eliminate the carbon footprint of your crystal but to become carbon-positive and help restoring destroyed rainforest.

If you buy this crystal by choosing the “Carbon Positive Price” we will add 1.5 cents per USD to your crystal. This additional amount will be used to plant trees in a reforestation project in the Peruvian cloud forest and neutralize your crystals carbon footprint. And even better: we will match your support. We will reward your conscious act by matching your support with the same amount, this way doubling the donation and therefore creating a carbon positive product that removes more carbon from the atmosphere than it adds to it.

With Gemrock Peru your crystal products have been ethically mined and produced and are environmentally friendly. Also read our 2021 Sustainability Report.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”Transport damage or loss of your package” _builder_version=”4.6.1″ _module_preset=”default” open=”off”]

We at Gemrock Peru make our best possible effort to pack our goods as careful and protected as possible. But once they are our of our hands we can not assume responsability for what happesns next.

We work exclusively with the internationally recognized and serious shipping agent DHL. However, even when using such an experienced and professional company, transport damage or loss due to human error can not be ruled out completely.  

We therefore do strongly recommend adding a shipping insurance for a flat rate of just 4.99 USD to your order. This way your goods are fully insured against damage or loss.

[button link=”https://www.gemrockshop.com/producto/shipping-insurance/” color=”orange” newwindow=”yes”] insure here[/button]

Please be aware: 

Gemrock Peru is not responsible for transport damage during shipping or loss of the package and WE DO NOT REFUND money in such cases.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”Recommendet Unboxing Procedure” _builder_version=”4.6.1″ _module_preset=”default” open=”off”]

  1. Upon arrival of your package inmediately review it for suspicious damage on the oustside of the package. If you note any signs of damage on the outside of the package, please inmediately ask the delivery person to hold the package in his/her hands with the damages being visible and take a picture of the package and the person. This way you can document the state of the package upon arrival. Do this before signing off the receipt of the package.
  2. If you can note any suspicious damage on the outside of the package then do make a lot of pictures documenting your unboxing process. Make pictures of the inside of the package and of each product before and after unpacking it. 
  3. Make close-up pictures of damages on crystals and crystal products.
  4. Now, in case you did insure your package, you can use those pictures to file a report to your local DHL office.
  5. Please do not forget to inform us via email about such problems. Even if we are not responsible for such damages and your insurance case rests with DHL and not with Gemrock Peru, we are always happy to assist you by informing our local Peruvian DHL agent about your problem. This may help speeding up your case.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”Return policy” _builder_version=”4.6.1″ _module_preset=”default” open=”off”]

We at Gemrock Peru make a lot of effort to produce high quality pictures and video material to show our products. You are also receiving detailed information on the size and the weight of the crystal or crystal product. We therefore believe that we are providing you with sufficient information for your decision to buy the product. 

We would feel terribly sorry if you would unpack your crystal or crystal product and feel unsatisfied with it. However with international export of products we can not take responsibility for a mistaken consumer choice. We are therefore not offering options for return and/or refunding.