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Gemrock Perú

Searching for treasures, creating beauty and sharing happiness.

Fine Minerals and Crystals

Gemrock Peru is searching all over Peru for fine minerals and crystals. We are running our own crystal mining operations in order to uncover for you the best of the best.


We do turn minerals and semi-precious stones into beautiful jewelry. We always strive for great designs and highest quality. We are only satisfied when our product looks so great that we would wish to rather keep it to ourselves than sell it. Nothing less than that kind of quality makes us feel happy.


We travel through the coastal deserts of Peru, the Andes and even the Amazon rainforest in search of the hidden treasures of Mother Nature, such as natural crystals, high-quality minerals, as well as new types of colorful stones and minerals. Then we turn them into amazing pieces of art and decoration.

Functional Home-Decor

Combine the useful with the beautiful. Style and good taste are not limited to your clothes or the living room, but are reflected in all areas of a house or office and in all aspects of your life. We do create useful and decorative objects for your office, for the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or any other space in your home.


Natural stones, minerals and crystals can play a key role in our well-being. We recognize the importance of a person’s connection with mother earth. Our products can help to create and strengthen this bond.

New Products


All of our products made from or with Chrysocolla in 2022

Perfect spheres

Reinvent your space with our perfectly polished spheres.

Unique pendants

All the pendants and necklaces we have for you

Your spiritual guide to minerals and crystals

Channel the energies you need. Find the characteristics of each mineral or crystal in our spiritual stone guide.